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I have had the critical experiences needed to be your next CFA Treasurer. As a past treasurer, I WILL hit the ground running! There is no substitute for EXPERIENCE.
My CFA Resume details my long history of experience in CFA.

I understand how the CFA financials are constructed and the uniqueness of the CFA budgeting process. I understand the details, and we all know that success is built upon the details. I understand CFA’s organizational structure. I know the people at Central Office. I have a vision of how we will develop a strong relationship with staff that will continue to strengthen CFA.

I understand the Board structure, the needs of our committees, our Clubs, our Fanciers. My experience as CFA’s Midwest Regional Director for the past 4 years has provided critical insights at the Regional level. The struggle with geographical limitations, declining counts and rising costs…..these are all challenges that our Clubs face every season – I understand.

I am a breeder of Maine Coon cats, an exhibitor, and a CFA Allbreed Judge. I have had the opportunity to view CFA from a global perspective which I believe is critical as we grow. I have been fortunate in that regard and as a sitting Board Member will continue to use that perspective to make sound decisions. This is critical as we drive toward success!

I have seen CFA grow and change over the years.   The role of CFA Treasurer has changed over the years as well. The office of Treasurer is very much hands on – far more than it was in the past. My home is in Chicago, Illinois. I live 7 hours away from the office by automobile. This is a critical benefit as the Treasurer must be willing and able to be available and on site when needed. I have the professional flexibility to be in Alliance as needed. I will be there for you and for CFA!

Let’s talk about innovation – I would like to launch a blog to de-mystify the financials of CFA. I want everyone to understand how this all fits together! I will make myself available at every Annual to address your questions and concerns. In addition, I would like to investigate safe yet profitable investment opportunities. I would also like to drive the development of untapped sponsorship on the local level.

I have worked at several Fortune 500 companies including The Kellogg Company, Pillsbury, General Mills, and currently PepsiCo. In my current role I am a senior project manager commercializing PepsiCo’s top innovation projects. I manage approximately $200MM in innovation. I manage budgets, forecasts, people and process…..all critical elements to PepsiCo AND CFA!

I also lead an initiative at PepsiCo supporting a local no kill shelter in the way of employee giving drives.

CFA is a Great Organization.

I have confidence that the future of CFA is Strong!

Please take another moment to review my resume page. Feel free to contact me at any time.

I believe in CFA. So do you…

I ask for your support and your vote as your next CFA Treasurer!

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